About Me

Hello! This is me. Trying to decide how to explain who I am and what is relevant for you to know about me. First and foremost I am Madelyn’s mom. She is the inspiration for this space on the internet to write and share lessons I’ve learned that I want her to know, prayers for her future, and capture some of the fun our family has in-between.

And to give a quick rundown of who I am and what I strive to be, I’ve made a list below..

  1. I am a believer
  2. I am a mother
  3. I am a daughter
  4. I am a wife
  5. I am a friend
  6. I am a leader
  7. I am spiritual
  8. I am intuitive
  9. I am a listener
  10. I am accepting
  11. BONUS – I am enneagram 4 (intense creative) and 7 (enthusiastic visionary) split ~evenly