August 7, 2022

This was a big week for Madelyn. She reached for new heights and took her first steps, she then got some well earned rest, she made silly faces in the car, she got to keep her fundamental rights to make decisions about her own body, she explored, she indulged (croissant only), she swam, and she conquered. Madelyn, I want you to know and remember that this week was monumental on so many levels for you and all the women in and around Kansas. We believe in protecting the vulnerable including the unborn but we also believe that Gods holy covenant is greater than any constitutional amendment. He is the good Shepard who knows us by name, protects us from evil, and never let’s us go even in our silent griefs and fears. I am grateful we live in a state that will not deny you or me medical care we may chose or is necessary to keep us alive depending on the circumstance, but I am more honored to be your mother and witness how God will work in our hearts to be like Him; loving and serving those in need. Love you baby girl. ❤️😘

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