August – Anticipation


Dear Madelyn,

Since I’ve last written I celebrated a birthday and am now 28 years old. I traveled to Cincinnati to for a company meeting where everyone was so excited you were growing inside me. Being in the diaper making business everyone was happy to see another consumer would be soon joining this world. To be honest I haven’t bought you too many diapers yet but I’ll be sure to get them fresh once you arrive. I felt compelled to write to you today after spending the past few days reading the same story in the Bible a few different times about king Hezekiah and his sons, grandson, and great grandson who ruled after him. There are numerous parts of the Bible that explain how Hezekiah did so many good works for God throughout his lifetime. Even as he was preparing to go into battle against Assyria he told his leaders to know that God is with them and this is His spiritual battle, not the physical battle the Assyrians were making it to be. His eyes started on God but after God delivered on his promise and the Assyrians were defeated by the angel of the Lord, Hezekiah was exalted for this victory. He was the one who was given credit for the victory, not God and Hezekiah’s eyes started to look inward and pride built inside him he forgot to keep his eyes on God. The very next story after Hezekiah is that of his son’s Manasseh who started out doing the most evil of things in the kingdom. Undoing all the good his father had done and more, however he lived out the reverse story of his father’s where he started with his eyes gazing inwards and in a moment of desperation he repented and focused his eyes on God. 

The point of these two stories that appear many times in the Bible is to keep your eyes turned to God baby girl. He is the one who is fighting for your victories, he has your heart and puts his word in your mind and on your tongue. It doesn’t matter how far down a broken path you find yourself, if God could save Manasseh, he can surly save you and wants to save you. 

There is another point in these two stories that I am running through my mind and it comes down to the generations that God describes during the century marked as a turning point in Jerusalem’s history. His reign was a few hundred years before Jesus came and God’s covanent was fulfilled. We know looking back that most of the time right before Jesus came to earth the people were in desperate need of a savior because of the evil that was penetrating their hearts. Thankfully, Jesus has already died for our sins and paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can intimately know God but that doesn’t mean we won’t also find ourselves in a time where the world around us seems to be filled with evil and lacking repentance. I pray whatever world you live in that you would be the leader who trusts in God’s abilities above your own, that you don’t feel the pressure or anxiety that comes with thinking your life is all on your shoulders to fight for. You must have the self discipline to do the work and God delights in this work, but he is holding you tight shaping you and moulding you for his great works. 

Love you forever.



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