April 2022 – Full


Dear Madelyn,

Yesterday you turned 7 months old! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown since we first laid eyes on you that late September night. On Tuesday when we laid you down in our bed you were full of energy but as soon as daddy turned off the light you rolled over and put yourself to sleep. You may not love your crib all the time, which I don’t blame you, it’s lonely sleeping in your own room even mommy and daddy don’t do that when we don’t have to (lol), but I love how comfortable you feel with us to fall asleep between us without a fuss. You must be growing even more too because you are a napping machine! 2+ hours of napping at daycare and last night you fell asleep at 5pm and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 5:45am! I wonder sometimes what you’re dreaming about as I see your face twitch into a smile? Are you recalling fun activities you did at daycare? Are you thinking about a time daddy did something silly and made you laugh? Or are you remembering a time when you were inside of me where it was warm and we were the closest any two people can possibly be? 

Having you as my daughter makes me smile so big from ear to ear as I sit here typing. Everyday I cannot wait to see the new things you chose to explore and watch as you learn something new. Since it’s been so long since I’ve written I do want to capture a few milestones you’ve made. 

The first time you rolled over was on Christmas Day at grandma and grandpa Dwyer’s house in Arizona. We all call it a Christmas miracle because you did it twice in a row then not again until middle to late February which is when you truly mastered it. 

The newest, and most exciting thing you’ve accomplished is being able to scoot your body across the floor like a little worm since it’s not quite crawling yet. I do remember the exact date being April19th because daycare also made a comment how they had never see you do that before and when we brought you home we watched you make it all the way across the room to grab your yellow ball that was on the floor next to your play castle (which is what dad likes to call it because you’re his little princess). 

We also started hearing you mimic words and phrases we like to tell you. I constantly try to get you to say mama and you’ve come pretty close but for the first time this past weekend I said “I love you” and you formed your mouth to make a very similar sound! I wouldn’t say you’ve said your first official word yet but there is so much joy I find in the growing you do each and every day. 

I hope to be the kind of mom you see as a role model and a confidant. Someone you come to when you need advice but also are able to watch how I chose to live my life and are able to find who you are and want to be through observing, learning, and choosing. I have recognized curiosity, adventure, kindness, and joy in your little personality so far. The way you look at new things with this furrowed eyebrows wondering what it is, how you are so peaceful when we take you on our daily tasks to the grocery store or weekend trips to the farmers market, the way you snuggle close to us and even strangers when they hold you, and lastly the way you laugh and squeal when you are genuinely having a good time.

I pray these traits grow as you deepen the relationship with God, yourself, and your family. You have a beautiful life to live baby girl Madelyn and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Your Mama

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